<![CDATA[Just Another Fry Day - Blog]]>Fri, 19 Feb 2016 10:33:36 -0600Weebly<![CDATA[Saying Good-bye to Cell?]]>Mon, 15 Feb 2016 23:30:01 GMThttp://justanotherfryday.weebly.com/blog/saying-good-bye-to-cellLately, J and I have been thinking about something a little bit crazy. We are talking about canceling our cell phones and just having a land line! *GASP* Hello 1990s! 

Most of us grew up without cell phones so this really should seem like such a big deal. I think it's a good idea but I still feel nervous about it, which is crazy. We briefly went to prepaid phones about 2 years ago and then after not too long went back to smart phones. I have had a cell phone for the past 12 years! It is kind of hard to remember a time when I wasn't teathered to a phone. And cell phones are so much more than just phones these days. They are cameras, video cameras, calendars, address books, instant access to the internet, kindles, and alarm clocks. We can constantly check Facebook and our email. 

Sometimes, more often than I want to admit, my cell phone is a distraction. I have a to do list to get done and instead I check Facebook to see what everyone else is up to or I check my email or Pinterest or Instagram. 

Why are we thinking of getting rid of cell phones?
The biggest reason is we pay $150 a month for two smart phones! That is $1800 a year! When you put it that way, it's insane. It seems insane to spend that much money on a phone. Our landline cost $20 a month and internet in our home is $50. We have been talking about cutting costs in our budget and our cell phone bill glares at me. I have cut it down as much as I can without cancelling. 

The second reason is our cell phones are such time suckers. As I mentioned already there is many times where I find myself mindlessly surfing pinterest or Facebook. Instead of going to sleep or doing laundry or whatever else I need to get done. It is a bit ridiculous. It also keeps us from being in the moment a lot of times. Whenever we feel even slightly bored we turn to our phones. They interrupt time with our family and time with our friends. 

I think it will be hard to give up my phone cold turkey. I will have to use my alarm clock to actually set the alarm for the morning. I will have to use an actual camera when I want to take pictures. I will have to go back to using a paper address book and calendar. I forgot my phone this morning on my way to work and didn't have it for 4 hours. It was weird but I survived. 

​What do you think? Could you ever give up your cell phone?

<![CDATA[Hello Again ]]>Fri, 12 Feb 2016 23:22:18 GMThttp://justanotherfryday.weebly.com/blog/hello-againIt has been almost a year since I have written in this space. To be honest it felt like an obligation at the time and something I just didn't feel like doing. 

Lately though I feel like writing again. I miss getting my thoughts out of my head and into words. It can be hard for me to organize my thoughts without writing them out. 

A lot has changed since the last time I wrote here. We changed what we wanted, yet again, and in September we purchased a house! It has been so amazing to have our own space again. We have been living here for a little over 5 months now and we are still figuring out where we want everything. It is an older home so we are also doing a bit of remodeling and making it our own. So far we have moved bedrooms around three times. We have also moved our TV and Homeschool room three times. We have torn up the carpet in 2 rooms plus the stairs and are in the process of re-flooring the main level. I will likely post before and after pictures eventually. I really feel thankful to have such a handy husband. 

I also started working at a local library in September. It has been a big adjustment to get used to working again. The job is great, I mean I get to be around books all day, but it is hard being away from the kids. J and I only see each other for maybe an hour a day unless we have the day off. 

I hope to be back to writing, at least semi regularly. I have lots of ideas floating around in my head so hopefully I can write them down. 
<![CDATA[End of Reboot]]>Fri, 06 Mar 2015 23:54:50 GMThttp://justanotherfryday.weebly.com/blog/end-of-rebootToday marks day 5 of our reboot. J and I decided to end our reboot after today instead of doing a juice fast for the next 5 days. We decided this for a few reasons and the main reason being it is really hard not to eat carbs in the winter. 

The 5 days was great though. I haven't had a drop of coffee since Sunday afternoon and only missed it a little. I didn't feel tired at all and didn't hit slumps in the afternoon like I normally do. 

All the recipes were delicious and I think I will make a few of the soups even when not fasting. We will also try adding a juice into our meals every day. It is a great and easy way to get lots of good stuff in a small package. 

The reboot also helped get us back on track to eating healthier and making better food choices. I don't think I lost any weight over the past five days but I feel much better. I had more energy which is always nice with kids running around. 

I am not sure if we will ever attempt the reboot again but if we do I think it will be in warmer weather. ]]>
<![CDATA[Reboot Day 3 ]]>Wed, 04 Mar 2015 23:32:52 GMThttp://justanotherfryday.weebly.com/blog/reboot-day-3We are almost to the end of the third day of our reboot. So far today has been the hardest! 

My caffeine withdrawal has seemed to pass and I haven't felt exhausted at all today, not even around 2pm when I usually start dragging my feet.

Cravings have been out of control today. Not really anything specific but I would love to eat some carbs: bread, noodles, chips. The soups we have been eating are delicious but I miss dipping bread or crackers. Same with salad, I love salad but miss crunch in it with croutons. 

Usually the first three days are the worst in a detox so I am hoping by tomorrow my body will be used to mostly liquid diet. ]]>
<![CDATA[Reboot Day 1]]>Tue, 03 Mar 2015 14:05:42 GMThttp://justanotherfryday.weebly.com/blog/reboot-day-1

Yesterday marked the first day of our 15 day reboot. In the first 5 days we are still eating solid foods so it didn't seem too terrible.

The hardest part for me this far is no caffeine! By 2pm yesterday, I was ready for bed. It was also difficult when I missed a meal because I was out of the house and got really hungry. It is much easier to turn down temptation when you are full or satisfied than when you are hungry.

I am glad to have day one behind us and excited to start day two. I will be modifying the menu plan a little today. The menu calls for the same Apple bake we had yesterday for breakfast but I didn't much care for it so I am just going to replace it with a smoothie.

The first 3 days are usually the hardest, but we are already half way through!

We ended up buying the juice fountain elite by Breville and so far I am really happy with it. It is amazing how it can take a big carrot or Apple and extract the juice from it! I have been feeding the leftover pulp to our horde of bunnies. They seem very happy with it!

<![CDATA[Goals for my Reboot]]>Thu, 22 Jan 2015 14:22:48 GMThttp://justanotherfryday.weebly.com/blog/goals-for-my-rebootI am a planner by nature. I love to plan and organize, maybe even too much. Whenever I start something new, or get ready to venture to something new, I love to plan it out. 

In my last post, I talked about wanting to do a reboot and I will be doing in just not set on a start date yet. I think it is important when doing something that may not be the easiest to set some goals. I need to figure out why exactly I want to do the reboot and what results I expect from it. 
Why I want to Reboot:
I want to be clear the reboot is not to lose weight. I am at a healthy weight for my height and body type. I really have no clue what my actual weight is. I don't weigh myself religiously, I don't think that is healthy behavior, and it has been a long time since I have been to the doctor. 

The reboot is for me to clean my body of all the toxins and junk I have been eating over the last year and the 22 years before that. It's a jump start for me to get back into a plant based whole food lifestyle. 

I also hope it:
  • helps clear up my skin. I have always suffered from mild acne. It is so much worse when I eat dairy. Recently, I even started to get acne on places other than my face, like my back. I never struggled with body acne before and I am not a fan. 
  • give me more energy. There was a time when I only drank coffee because I thought it made me look cool. Since having kids, I went from not even owning a coffee pot to drinking a whole pot of coffee black every morning. I feel the need for coffee even on days when I go to bed early or sleep in late. I love coffee but I want to drink only two cups a day, at most, and not feel drained in the afternoon. 

Those are my three main hopes. Any other improvements will be a bonus in my book. 

<![CDATA[Reboot]]>Thu, 22 Jan 2015 14:03:41 GMThttp://justanotherfryday.weebly.com/blog/reboot
March 10, 2013 · 
It seems healthy eating is an addivtive lifestyle for us. Eating whole foods has led us to a new path, a plant based diet. Yes, that is basically vegan. It is unbelievable how bad meat and dairy production is for our environment and our bodies. Watching the documentary Forks over Knives would explain it better than I ever could. Giving up meat will be easy but I may have a harder time with eggs and cheese. I always thought I couldn't live without cow's milk either but since we started buying organic whole milk I don't drink that much of it anymore.
It has been over two years since I first starting learning about whole foods and almost two years since we decided to eat completely plant based. 

I don't remember exactly how long we were strictly plant based but I think it was about 6-7 months. Then we added cheese back into our diet occasionally and eggs, then butter. We still do not drink cow's milk and avoid meat. J will eat venison and loves fish. I eat fish on occasion. 

Since we have moved in with our in laws, over a year ago, we have been much more lax about what we are eating and it shows. The way I feel both physically and emotionally has gone down hill. I still feel pretty good about how my body looks but I don't have those feel good vibes that I used to when we ate clean. My body has never been Hollywood ideal but I was very happy with it when I knew I was only putting good things into it. The biggest change is probably the mental aspect of it. I am more tired, more stressed, and grumpier. 

It has been a year of lax eating and I am ready to get back on track. I want to feel good again. It can be so hard to get started. It seems so much easier to buy a frozen pizza than to meal plan and cook nutritious meals. I am lazy at my core of my being. I have to work hard to not be lazy. I need plans and organization. When I don't have a plan, I default to the easiest option. It is also a bit tricky to always have fresh produce on hand here. Our closest grocery store is 13 miles away and our closest grocery store that carries organic produce is 40 miles away. Hopefully, by this spring we will be ready to plant our own garden which will help with the fresh produce. 

I have wanted to do a detox for a long time, probably since we first started learning about eating whole foods. I have never found one that wasn't too expensive or that really appealed to me. I think detoxes are one of the easiest ways to get back on track with our eating. Clear all the toxins out of your body and start over with a clean slate. Changing the foods you eat, changes the foods you crave but it can be hard to get past those initial cravings. 

I think I have finally found a good detox or in this case reboot, Reboot with Joe. If you have every watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead you have heard of Joe. If you haven't watched it, I recommend it. It's on Netflix. Anyways, rebootwithjoe.com offers many different reboot plans. I plan on doing the free 15 day plan found here: http://www.rebootwithjoe.com/rebooting/plans/

I am so ready to start this plan now but we will be traveling out of town for Bug's birthday next month and I don't know that I want to complete it before that. I haven't decided on an exact start date yet but will soon. I plan on documenting my journey on here. 
<![CDATA[2015 Goals ]]>Wed, 31 Dec 2014 15:01:53 GMThttp://justanotherfryday.weebly.com/blog/2015-goalsI have never been a big fan of New Year Resolutions. I never make them but I am setting some goals for the New Year, which I guess is kind of the same thing. 

1. Finish the Cabin enough that we can move into it. 
2. Pay off the majority of our debt. 
3. Set up an effective budget for our family.
4. Spend more time outdoors.
5. Be more intentional and present. 

What are your goals for the New Year? ]]>
<![CDATA[My Favorite Bread Recipe]]>Sat, 27 Dec 2014 17:31:53 GMThttp://justanotherfryday.weebly.com/blog/my-favorite-bread-recipePicture
There was a time when I never would have considered making my own bread. There was also a time where I didn't even care what was in my bread. I did always buy wheat bread but I just assumed because it was wheat it was healthy, I never even bothered to look at the label. Well that all changed two years ago. I was no longer blissfully ignorant about what was in our food and started reading labels. Most bread has ingredients labels almost as long as the bag, with things like high fructose corn syrup and potassium bromate. When we first starting trying to eat more whole foods I would buy expensive bread with minimal ingredients and then we lucked out and found a brand with minimal ingredients and a decent price (3 for $5). We bought that bread for over a year but when we moved north I could only find the bread at one store for $2.50 a loaf. That is when I decided to try my hand at making my own bread. I try lots of recipes that the kids wouldn't eat. I wish I could say my kids didn't have specific tastes but they do, and Bug loves bread. Finally, I found a recipe that the kids enjoyed. I have been using the same recipe for months now and it just keeps getting better, especially now that I have a kitchen aid mixer to do the hard work. It took a bit of experimenting to get the recipe perfect. I found the original recipe Here. 

Homemade Bread
Prep time: 20 minutes 
Rise Time: 2 1/2 hours
Bake Time: 25-30 minutes
2 1/4 tsp yeast 
1 1/2 cup warm water 
4 cups flour (I use 3 cups organic bread flour and 1 cup whole wheat pastry flour. This is the combination that we like best but I have tried all different combinations and the bread still tastes good)
2 tsp salt
2 tbsp olive oil or applesauce 

1. Mix water and yeast in bowl of stand mixer (if you don't have a stand mixer just mix in bowl), let stand for 10 minutes until bubbly.
2. Add remaining ingredients. Kneed for 10 minutes (this is where the kitchen aid makes a huge different) until the dough is no longer sticky. 
3. Form dough into a bowl and oil it. Cover and let rise for 1 1/2 hours. 
4. Punch down dough and form into a bread pan. Cover and let rise another hour. 
5. Bake at 400° for 25-30 minutes. I use our toaster oven and it comes out perfect. 
6. Cool out of the pan on a cooling rack. Do not slice until completely cooled. 

<![CDATA[Simplifying Christmas ]]>Wed, 19 Nov 2014 03:48:34 GMThttp://justanotherfryday.weebly.com/blog/simplifying-christmasIt almost feels like it is too early to be discussing Christmas but it is sneaking up faster than we know. 

We have been working on simplifying our life and being more intentional. With the commercialism of Christmas this task can seem really hard at this time of year. 

This year, we are implementing the four gift rule: something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read. I had heard about this rule a few years ago and really liked it. I just found it a lot harder to put into motion than I thought. 

It is actually an ideal that I wanted to use from Bug's very first Christmas, even if I didn't have the exact little rhyme to go with it. I remember telling a friend I really didn't want to go way overboard with presents for her that year, especially since she was only 10 months old at the time. I ended up getting caught up in the season though and bought her way more than I had planned. Every year has gone pretty similar, I start out with the best of intentions and get caught up in the "good deals" of the season and the excuse of giving my kids presents. I want so badly to make the holidays a special, fun time for my kids that I somehow forgot that it isn't all about the presents. 

I much rather give presents rather than receive them, this year will be different though. This past year, I have become overwhelmed with the mass amount of stuff we have. The kids have so many toys, books, and clothes. They don't need anything nor do I want to add a bunch of toys that will be forgot in a couple months. I really want to be more mindful about this Christmas, so I made a list. Lists are my happy place. Organization makes me feel in control and less stressed. I set four numbers for each kid on a piece of paper and filled in what I wanted to get them for each category. I have modified the list a few times since I started it but have stuck to the four item rule. They will also get one gift from Santa of whatever they ask him for, no matter how I feel about it, and some small things in their stocking on St. Nick's Day. 

Some days it has been hard not to just buy them all these toys and clothes that I see in the stores but then I just look at our living room and it helps bring me back to earth and my goals. It is much easier when I stay out of stores or only go in for the items I need and not browse the whole store. 

Do you have any rules for your Christmas gifts? Do you do a set number or the set amount? ]]>